Earning Well

I never imagined I’d be a stay-at-home-mom; I loved my teaching job! But I felt drawn to the opportunity to stay home with my kids.  A budget and a lucky break on timing made it possible.  I also never imagined my stay-at-home title would quickly transition to a work-at-home title.  The changing technology of this world makes it possible for many people to work wherever they choose.  Most people, I think, just don’t realize it’s an option for them.

“Ugh.  Not another work from home opportunity.  Sigh.”

I hear ya.  I really do.  If you’d have told me three years ago I’d be doing what I’m doing now, I would have never believed you.  But trust me when I say, I just didn’t KNOW.  One of my parenting mottos is “when you know better, you do better.”  That 100% applies to this profession.  I simply had NO IDEA what network marketing was.  Oh, yeah, I said it.  I am a network marketer.  Don’t click away! I didn’t go looking for a “work from home opportunity.”  Working from home found me.  I found a product.  I read a book.  My entire life changed in a month.  Yes, it was that simple for me. And it can be that simple for you, too. (Read my whole story here.)

Let me break it down for you: network marketing is basically a referral business.  My company pays me to market their product.  Notice I said market and not sell.  Direct sales is a different beast.  It’s also awesome, but it’s not what I do.  I don’t carry inventory. I don’t sell my product.  I tell people about it.  I show them how to order it themselves.  And I get paid based on what they order.  Easy.  THEN, the people I tell, tell other people, because it’s so awesome.  They get paid AND I get paid.  Then those people tell people.  And we all still get paid. Ya feel me? Forever and ever amen.

“Yeah, yeah.  It’s one of those pyramid things.”

This is what you don’t know.  And you don’t know what you don’t know, so how can you know you don’t like it? So, now it’s time to know better, do better.  Pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL.  I promise you, I wouldn’t do something illegal.  I’ve never even gotten a speeding ticket.  Network marketing is a commission-based referral sales business.  We are not rewarded for recruiting.  We are rewarded for other people buying [amazing, life-changing] products using our referral number.  A good network marketing company has products you would buy and recommend even if you weren’t getting paid.  Nearly everyone recommends products, movies, restaurants to people all the time.  They just don’t get paid.  In my profession, I get paid to do just that.  It is incredibly simple (but that doesn’t make it easy; nothing about this profession is “get rich quick”), and it is accessible to nearly everyone.

Here, in no particular order, are the reasons my current profession is better than my former profession:

  1. The possibility of tons more money.   This may not be true for everyone, because lots of people I know make six figures in their 9-5s.  I did not.  I never would have.  A six-figure teaching job just doesn’t exist.  (Since I brought up income, I’m legally obligated [there I go being all law-abiding again] to share this document with you.  It’s my company’s income disclosure statement.  Go ahead.  Click on it.  And be amazed.)
  2. I get to set my own hours. I am not a morning person.  In fact, I’m pretty much useless before 9 am and a pot of coffee.  When I was a teacher, I had to be out the door by 6:30 am.  Then, I had to stay until 4pm (or later).  I had zero control over how I spent the majority of my waking hours.  (And let’s not forget: I loved my job.  Loved it.  How awful it must be for those of you who have no control AND hate their jobs.  ) Now, I can work or not work.  Work at home or at a coffee shop.  Work with people or alone.  Work online or in person.  I am completely in charge.  And the two months I took off work to take care of my mom when she had cancer? I still got paid.  Which leads to the next thing on my list.
  3. Because the people I referred were still referring other people, and they were all still buying things, I still got paid. I didn’t work, but others did.  So I got checks each month.  A friend of mine had to take nearly an entire year off of work, and she still made enough money to support her family during that time.  This is called leverage, which turns into compounding, which turns into residual income.  (This is where I should include a chart, but that’s not my jam.  I trust your Google skills.)
  4. Working with friends. Old friends.  New friends.  This is a people business.  I get to choose who I work with.  And when I work with them. And how I work with them.  You sensing that theme yet? All the freedoms? As a former teacher, I was pretty lucky.  Super awesome colleagues (well, most of them, most of the time; okay, fine, there were some duds).  But oh, the stories I’ve heard from my spouse and my sister and whoever else has a minute to tell me about their awful co-workers.
  5. This one is crazy. Couldn’t believe it when I heard it.  Willable income.  Because building a team of people who love and share a product creates a regular income each month, you can pass that income on when you’re gone.  Just like it’s a brick and mortar business.  So, not only am I providing for my family now, I will continue to provide for them long after I’m gone.  Yes, really.  Make sure you read your company’s policies and procedures for all the details.  You can find my company’s here.

When I learned all these things, I had two main emotions: unbridled excitement and utter disappointment.  Excitement at what my future held in that moment of understanding.  Disappointment that I was 33 before I learned it. But 33 is still pretty great.  My company newsletter last fall featured a couple in their 80s who were building a team so they’d have more to leave their family when they’re gone.  Any time is the right time.  Make your time RIGHT NOW.  Click here to contact me today.