I believe everyone has a distinct and intended purpose, so grand and so important it should be treated royally. Our first goal is to figure out what that purpose is.  Our second goal is to share it.

Hi. My name is Emily Heinis.  When I took my spouse’s name in 2007, I was a high school English teacher. I was excited to return to work and ask my students and colleagues to start calling me, “Your Highness.” My siblings-in-law promised me people would more likely call me “Heinie,” as they had been called their entire lives. Nevertheless, I insisted on using the title to introduce myself to all of my classes, as a matter of proper pronunciation. “Like ‘Your Highness,’ which you’re free to call me instead of Mrs. Heinis.” One student humored me and asked why I didn’t wear a crown.  “Crowns are optional,” I quickly replied.

When I began to write again, I found myself always coming around to the same theme: if you believe you’re awesome, you will be. We can all be regal and majestic in our own ways, we just have to find our strengths and use them. Crown optional.