I am a mother to Olivia (10) and Nathan (7 1/2, never leave out the 1/2), a spouse to Patrick, a lover of sarcasm, an always-student, a part-time vegan (cheese is REALLY good), a reader of memoirs (true stories are the best stories), a parentheses over-user, and a teacher turned SAHM turned WAHM. I have a BST in Communication Arts and Literature and an MA in Communication Studies, both from Minnesota State University, Mankato (Go, Mavs!). For nearly ten years, I enjoyed teaching high school English and communication and coaching the speech team. When Olivia was born, however, I felt compelled to reduce my class size to one. An extended maternity leave turned into a resignation. By the time Nathan was born, I was loving being a stay-at-home-mom, frolicking in parks and discouraging booger-picking in public. As amazing as SAHM life was, though, I longed for conversations with people more than three feet tall. When the kids were both in school, I returned to work in a variety of ways (waiting tables, teaching fitness classes, learning legal jargon in the shortest legal assistant career ever) before landing a flexible and rewarding job at my church. In my spare time, you’ll find me drinking wine in the bathtub, binge-watching anything by Shonda Rhimes, reading all the things, painting lovely things, trying not to swear in front of my kids, and writing about it all. Welcome.